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Victorian fashion

This fashion style is from 1830 to 1901. It came from England when the country was ruled by Queen Victoria.

Corsets, lace, wrinkles, bows, pendants and rich jewelry -  these are characteristic elements   of the Victorian style. It is full of luxury and decoration. Women were wearing corsets and big dresses, which required manual work of several people and a large amount of material.

Men were wearing double-breasted coats. Fashion was dominated by glamor, beautiful embroidered patterns. Hats and gloves were chosen for accessories. Costumes for men and women were tailor-made.

Around 1880, the skirt underwent a metamorphosis, becoming slimmer. The shades of green were the most popular among the women.

Shoes and hats were synonymous with luxury. The more decorated hat, the richer the lady.

The Victorian style died with the death of Queen Victoria in 1901.

In the 1980s, youth subcultures began to inspire with this vogue.

By Julia Michalska,
Zosia Hałas

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