wtorek, 22 marca 2016

Easter Words 


First day  of Spring

On Monday, 21st March like every year in our school the celebration of the first day of the spring took place. This is a tradition. On 21st March, on Monday students came to school with good moods. At school there was a performance prepared by the students. The performance was very funny and I think everyone liked it. After the performance we went to the cinema to watch “Pitbul”. This film is very violent. To much aggression, blood and killing but some people may have liked that. When the film ended everyone went home. I think it was a good day and students for a moment forgot about school.

Sports events in our school

Wydarzenia sportowe w naszej szkole

Like every year in March in our school  LICEALIADA took place. It was very important for students because they competed with other schools for the title of the best team.

Two teams arrived to our school, Grabonów and Gostyń. The first match was between Krobia and Grabonóg. It was a hard game and unfortunately our girls lost. The second match was between Garbonóg and Gostyń. If the girls from Gostyń had lost, Krobia would still have had a chance to get the first place. Unfortunately Gostyń lost to Grabonóg  and Krobia didn’t have a chance to win. In the next matches Krobia won  with Gostyń. Finally Grabonóg took the first place, Krobia the second and the Gostyń third.

At the beginning of March ten boys from our school took part in the tournament in Gostyń. They played volleyball. Other teams were from Secondary School in Gostyn and Technical School also from Gostyn. The matches were tight and hard, the opponents were so good and our school team lost. They fought and tried but it wasn’t enough. They closed the table but they were still on the podium! The team of secondary School from Gostyn stood on the first place. Congratulation! We hope that next year the boys from our school will win with every team.

On the second of March the floorball competition took place in Zbąszyń. Six teams competed in the competition. The girls from Krobia played two matches. The first match  they played with Woltszyn. Wolsztyn turned out to be a tough player. Unfortunately we lost that match. But in the second match our girls won with Nowy Tomyśl 8:0. We took the second place in the group.This was not enough to move on further.