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The most popular brands clothes

Adidas -  German company to produce footwear and sports clothing. Established in 1924 by brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. The sign of Adidas businesses are three belts.

Puma - German corporation to make footwear and sports clothing. Established in 1924 by brothers Dassler. In 1948 the brothers had a serious argument and divide the corporation.

Nike -  American company being one of the biggest in the world producer sports clothing. Established in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight.

Zara - Spanish venture to belong to group Inditex. Main premises partnerships to hold in La Coruñi (Spain). The founder of partnerships  is Amancio Ortega.

Channel Sa - French fashion house established by Coco Channel in 1909 in Paris. From 1983 Channel Fashion Houseis directed  by a designer Karl Lagerfeld.

H&M -  Swedish clothes corporation with main office in Stockholm. The founder is Erling Persson, ww  in 1946 to depart to U.S.A. From where return with idea to establish shop.

Levi’s - private American clothing venture to known from production jeans pants and another clothes products. The company to established in 1853 by German immigrant Levi Strauss.
Vans -  American manufacturer shoes and sports utility to mean of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding.  The firm to arise in 1966 by Paul Van Doren

New Balance -  American corporation being the biggest producer footwear and sports accessory. Her activity to start in 1906 in Boston. The founder of company is William J. Riley.

Supreme - is a skateboarding shop and clothing brand established in New York City in April 1994. The brand was founded by James Jebbia. The first Supreme store opened on Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan in 1994.

The Curiosities:
1. In Boston (U.S.A.) to be at some time park entitled Adidas Park. In park to ban wear other Mark shoes.
2. In Nike Seat building and courts are name by first name and surname sportsmen. Honor to gain: Alberto Salazar, Michael Jordan and Dan Fouts.

3. 72% of H&M employees on managing positions are women.

4. Zara factory area is 5 million square feet, nine times more than Amazon's.

5. Bill Clinton was a fan of New Balance. Presidential jogging in the 1500 model.

By Patryk Dupiczak

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