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Elisabeth II

Elisabeth II properly Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born on 21st of April 1926 in London. The Queen is derived from the dynasty Windsors. Her father was the prince of York, later king George VI. Her mother was Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon. After her husband's death she was known as Elizabeth-queen mother. Her sister was four years younger - Margaret Windsor, princess. When Elizabeth II was a child her parents called her Lilibet.

On 22nd of July 1939 Elizabeth first time met Philip. The teenager (at that time he was 18 years old) made a great impression on the princess.
The Royal Couple didn't like the relationship between Elizabeth and  Philip. On August 1946 Phillip was invited to Balmoral and he engaged with the successor of the throne. On 20th of August 1947 in Westminster Abbey there was the wedding of Elizabeth and Philip.
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They have  four children. The oldest son is Charles, the next child is Anne, the second son’s name is Andrew and the youngest child is Edward.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania zdjecia dzieci krolowej elzbiety

When Elizabeth was in Kenya she found out that her father, king George VI died of  throat cancer It was exactly on 6th of February 1952. The next day in St. James’s Palace Elizabeth II was announced the queen. On 2nd of June 1953  solemn coronation of the queen took place. Since that time she has been the queen of the  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and she is the head of the states of 15 other states.

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In 1952 she got  the title "human of the year". Since 9th of September 2015 she has been  the longest reigning monarch of great Britain. She broke the record of queen Victoria. Since 13th of October 2016 she has been the longest living head of state in the world.
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Curiosities about the queen Elizabeth II:

 *She drinks a glass of champagne every day before going to bed.

*She has been using  the same nail polish since 1989.

* In her collection  she has like 5 thousand hats.

*She has got more than 30 corgi dogs.

By Maria Andrzejewska
Alicja Sorbicka 

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