czwartek, 5 kwietnia 2018


 During our last English lesson we prepared TV commercials. Most of us agreed to be recorded during the presentation of the commercial. We want to show you our work. While recording the commercials we were in very good mood. We think that you will like our projects. If you have any ideas which can help us to improve our work, tell us. We wish you pleasant viewing. We invite you to write comments.

czwartek, 11 stycznia 2018


This commercial is about language school called "Word in the world".
(prepared by Zosia Andrzejewska and Michalina Smektała)



This commercial is about famous Apple Macbook.
(prepared by Maria Andrzejewska and Mateusz Stankowski)


This commercial is about washing powder colled "Clean white".
(prepared by Alicja Sorbicka and Eryk Stachowiak)


This commercial is about famous chocolate colled "Milka".
 (prepared by Zosia Hałas and Patryk Dupiczak )

piątek, 5 stycznia 2018


William Blake
born - 28 November 1757
Soho, London, Great Britain
died - 12 August 1827
Charing Cross, London, England
occupation - painter, printmaker,
literary movement  - romanticism

The 10 best works by William Blake

The Ancient Days.
“The Ancient of Days”

The Angels hovering over the Body of Jesus in the Sepulchre.

“The Angels Hovering Over the Body of Christ in the Sepulchre”

 “Adam Naming the Beasts”


“Blake’s Cottage”

“Songs of Innocence and of Experience”

“The Ghost of a Flea”

“The Dance of Albion”


“Art is the tree of life.                            “Sztuka jest drzewem życia.
Science is the tree of death.”                    Nauka jest drzewem śmierci.”

“It is easier to forgive an enemy                 “Łatwiej jest wybaczyć wrogowi
than to forgive a friend.”                          niż przyjacielowi.”

“Opposition is true friendship”                     “Przeciwieństwo jest prawdziwą

“The true method of knowledge                  “Prawdziwą metodą nauki jest
Is experiment”                                       eksperymentowanie”

“Do what you will, this world’s                     “Rób co chcesz, ten świat jest
Is a fiction and is made up of                     fikcją i składa się ze sprzeczności”

By Zosia Walczak,
Zosia Andrzejewska,
Julia Frączek