czwartek, 4 stycznia 2018


1.Buckingham Palace
The world's largest royal palace and official London monarch residence

2. Big Ben
Very famous and one of the most recognizable clocks to Big Ben, the Elizabeth Tower. It is a half-tower of the Westminster Palace. Built in gothic style, it is 96 meters high.

3. London Eye
Observation wheel (devil mill) located in London's Lambeth district. The wheel has a height of 135 meters.


Stonehenge is a
prehistoric monument in Wiltshire. Most likely,  it was associated with the worship of the Moon and Sun.

5. Tower Bridge
Drawbridge in London. It is one of the most visited London landmarks right after Big Ben.

By Karolina Nawrocka,
Natalia Ziemlińska,
Justyna Szpurka

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